FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Take the attitude of a student. Never be too big to ask questions. Never know too much to learn something new.
– Og Mandino

What makes J.L. Bainbridge different from other advisors?

Offering personal service by highly skilled and diversified industry veterans with proven experience in navigating volatile markets, our conservative, long-term investment approach was designed to grow wealth over the long term for our clients.

Authentic, straightforward and dedicated solely to money management, J.L. Bainbridge empowers clients to build wealth and shape their futures with sound investments in American growth companies.

What is J.L. Bainbridge’s investment philosophy?

Our investment philosophy is centered on achieving superior annually compounded return over each five-year period through identification of sound investments . To do this, we make conservative equity investments in major American growth companies with a proven record of double-digit growth earnings and exceptional financial strength.

How does J.L. Bainbridge choose investments for clients?

All companies chosen for investment are in exceptional financial condition with little debt, significant cash reserves and excess annual cash flow. These companies also are benefiting, and will benefit, from an identifiable major trend, providing added reinforcement of prospects for future growth. When investing for income, we utilize investment grade bonds, exchange-traded funds, preferreds and other instruments we feel offer a reasonable return consistent with the risk.

What communication will I receive about my investments?

Our investment portfolio managers speak with clients personally, offering an exceptional level of accessibility and transparency. We also provide straightforward monthly communications that track investments and share expert insight.

As a client, you should always feel free to call your advisor with questions about your investments, your planning, or even general questions about investing and market activity.

If I become a client, what sort of access will I have to my advisor?

Our clients have called us "approachable," and we like that word. You can call us whenever you have a question about your portfolio, how some life event might impact your financial planning, or even general questions about the markets or investing terms.

How is J.L. Bainbridge compensated?

Our dedication to client satisfaction is unique in the industry, as we charge low fees with payment of that fee contingent on the client’s complete satisfaction. We also believe it’s important for clients to work with us before we charge for any services. We invoice after six months of work and only twice a year.

What is a fiduciary duty and why is it important?

A fiduciary duty is the legal obligation of one party to act in the interest of another and apply the highest standards of care. Unlike brokers, we have a fiduciary relationship with clients that binds us by law, as well as personal ethics, to put our clients’ interests first.

Who will maintain custody of my invested assets?

Client assets are held at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., one of the nation’s premier financial institutions, ensuring clients remain in complete control of their own assets. J.L. Bainbridge uses the services of Charles Schwab’s institutional service group for trade execution, viewing accounts, daily reporting and settlement services, as well as custodial services.

Our clients benefit from this relationship by receiving regular monthly statements from Charles Schwab Institutional. They also can access and view all accounts online using the Charles Schwab website.

Charles Schwab and Charles Schwab Institutional are registered trademarks of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. J.L. Bainbridge is independent and not employed by, or an agent of, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

What else should I know about J.L. Bainbridge?

Unlike brokers, we sell no products and receive no commissions, so we can focus on what's right for you.

Our fiduciary duty dates back to the establishment of J.L. Bainbridge in 1981. This responsibility binds us by law, as well as through personal ethics, to put your interests first. We are working for you.

Our conservative investment approach promotes long-term gains by avoiding, as much as possible, short-term volatility.

Our investment portfolio managers speak with clients personally, and as often as the client wishes. We also provide straightforward monthly communications that track investments and provide expert insights from our firm's research and advisors' daily experience.

Clients have no obligation to pay our fee unless they are completely satisfied with our services. As far as we know, we were the first advisory firm to offer this promise.

We also believe it’s important for clients to work with us before we charge for any services. That's why you will only after six months of working with us. And after that, you will only receive an invoice twice a year.

We hope that our minimum investment of $200,000 makes our professional money management services available to you, as we serve a variety of investors across the spectrum of financial needs.