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Post-Hurricane Update

We hope that you and your family and friends were spared the wrath of Hurricane Ian. The storm was headed straight for Sarasota until it veered off to the south. Unfortunately, those south of us received a direct hit.

We wanted to let you know that the team at JL Bainbridge is fine. Our phones are all working and we are reachable via our direct-dial numbers while working from home today. We will be back in our office in Sarasota tomorrow.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Stay safe!


Sometimes it's best to ask those questions sooner than later!

Financial Advisors in Sarasota

JL Bainbridge (JLB) is a Sarasota-based family wealth management firm that loves helping clients manage and control their financial well-being before and throughout retirement.

As investment advisors, the team of professional money managers at JL Bainbridge helps clients with financial planning, 401(k) strategies, retirement and estate planning, and more.

Fee-only Financial Management

We are a fee-only firm, so we only earn money through a fee earned on the client assets we manage. It's that simple.

About JL Bainbridge

For over 40 years, clients have become friends and friends have become clients. We know they trust how we guide their investments and financial planning and appreciate the sense of financial confidence we give them. Our longstanding promise to clients ensures that they’re at the center of everything we do, so they know that our core team of advisors and staff will always be here for them.

JLB is a fee-only, SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm that does not require a specific minimum investment. We serve clients and their families worldwide.

We’re not brokers or insurance salespeople, either. As Registered Investment Advisors, we are fiduciaries. By law, this requires us to put clients’ interests first.

Minimum Investment: Flexible

We’ve been helping clients long enough to see some impressive success stories that started well below today’s common minimum of $1 million, $500,000, or even less. Here’s how we see wealth: If you’re focused enough on your current finances to commit to maintaining and growing your wealth for yourself and your family, we should talk.

So, whether you’re in the Sarasota area (near us) or anywhere else in the world, we look forward to every day of serving you as a client.