our philosophy

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

– Walt Disney

Our only fee is a management fee, and that’s based solely as a percentage of your investments with us. If we help you increase your wealth, we earn more. It’s that simple.

As for our investment philosophy, it’s very straightforward: We identify major growth companies that we believe have the potential to generate double-digit earnings growth, exceptional financial strength, and a clear understanding of how to grow their business under ever-changing market conditions.

We like to avoid unnecessary stress (and we trust you do, too), so we prefer to own companies that are in it for the long term, especially those whose businesses we believe are not likely to be strongly affected by short-term market swings.

To avoid rushing in or out of positions, we research companies and their industries thoroughly. And we don’t make decisions alone. Our advisors evaluate and discuss each potential holding as an investment committee, and only those stocks that earn unanimous agreement make it into our model portfolio.

As for stocks we already own, we’re constantly reviewing those existing holdings using the same team-driven process. As fiduciaries, we want to do our best to get it right for you.