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Women and The Great Wealth Transfer

A group of women celebrate a big win around laptop and financial spreadsheets

As we approach the “Great Wealth Transfer,” a significant change is unfolding in the financial world. In the next 20 years, a huge amount of wealth—running into trillions—will be passed on to younger generations. And, by the way, women are expected to receive a large part of this wealth.

By 2030, it’s estimated that women will control a massive amount of investable assets. But women are not just waiting to receive this wealth; they are already actively managing what they already control and often outperforming men in various investment areas.

Steady Progress and Resilience

Recent research shows that women are practicing strong investment habits. During times of market volatility, for instance, they show remarkable resilience. About 51% of women stick to their investment plans when markets dip, compared to only 43% of men. One reading of this steady-as-you-go approach suggests that women are growing in confidence and committing more than men to long-term investment strategies. On the other hand, though, might also suggest that men are just not as patient as women!

Active Participation

An important trend in the financial world today, in fact, is the trend of increasing involvement by women in the stock market. A notable 60% of women are now actively investing. This shows that they are taking a proactive role and are ready to navigate the changing nature of the market. What makes women stand out is their less reactive approach to recent market ups and downs, demonstrating a strategic and forward-thinking approach to managing wealth. Perhaps a bit more than men, women tend to lean more naturally toward long-term investing.

Guidance Seekers

In addition to being active in the market, more women are seeking financial advice than ever before. According to research by Fidelity, there has been a 19% increase in women seeking financial advice since 2019, which is higher than the 16% increase among men. This shows that women recognize the importance of making informed decisions and the value of seeking professional financial advice.

The Gender Investment Gap

The growing presence of women in investing is not just a sign of their financial acumen; it’s also an indication that the gender investment gap in narrowing. Historically, women have been underrepresented in the financial world, but this is changing quickly. The “Great Wealth Transfer” is a unique chance for women to actively shape their financial futures.

Empowering Future Generations

As women take the lead in managing and growing wealth, they are not just securing their own financial well-being. They’re also empowering future generations. The knowledge and experience of today’s women investors will lay the foundation for financial literacy and resilience in the face of economic uncertainties.

The Takeaway

The “Great Wealth Transfer” is a historic chance for women to play a central role in shaping the financial landscape. The data is clear: woman are excelling in the world of investing. By staying steady in volatile markets, actively engaging in the stock market, and seeking financial guidance, women are showing their commitment to long-term financial success. And, as the wealth transfer unfolds, women will have an even greater opportunity to redefine the narrative and inspire future generations of female investors. Are you a woman with a commitment to long-term investing and building family wealth? If not, you most certainly know someone who is.


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